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Traditional learning has TWO BIG PROBLEMS

That we are trying to fix.

Problem #1: Lack of Practice

According to neuroscience research, the essential thing in learning is practice. The more we practice, the more effectively our brain store learned information for later access. However, traditional learning is the opposite of practice.

How many times have you opened a code editor and started coding after watching another coding tutorial? Probably not enough. But the problem is not with you. It's the way you learn.

Coding videos are designed to be consumed like TV shows. As a result, all the hours spent "learning" turn into hours spent “watching theory." And just theory without practice leads to unproductive learning. Especially in learning to code.

Problem #2: Low Engagement

According to neuroscience research, we need to ensure that learning is engaging and taps the emotional side of the brain, through humor, storytelling and games. Emphasis on the rational and logical alone does not produce strong memories.

And do you remember the last time you watched a coding tutorial or read an article that wasn't boring? Hard to recall at once, right? That's because most educational content is boring.

Boredom leads to a lack of focus and procrastination, which prevents you from staying engaged and remembering all that you have learned.


Combine tons of practice with an engaging and interactive environment where you learn by doing.

The future of learning is Playing

According to the latest neuroscience research, having fun while learning (1) avails unique cognitive resources, (2) associates reward and pleasure with information, (3) strengthens and broadens memory networks, and (4) toggles abstract thinking and focused attention.

Traditional ways to learn coding

Traditional Learning

🥵 Feels like forcing yourself to learn.

🥵 Lack of practice and real-world examples.

🥵 Boredom, lack of focus and procrastination.

Learning by Playing

🥳 Feels like playing and having fun.

🤩 Learning by practising with real-world examples.

😄 Engaging fun-to-learn environment that keeps you in focus.

Coding Fantasy 🤩VSArticles, videos and courses

Coding Fantasy is the next-generation platform for learning code by playing games that combines the missing parts of traditional learning: a tremendous amount of practice and an engaging learning environment.

Coding Fantasy vs Traditional Learning

Our coding Games

We are focusing on games that cover various aspects of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. New games every 1-2 months.

Grid Attack CSS Game

Grid Attack

Help a brave elf Rey find and save her brother from the hands of the most powerful demon on Earth using the secret weapon – CSS Grid.

Play →
Grid Attack CSS Game

Flex Box Adventure

Three evil brothers scammed King Arthur with Bit Coins and stole his gold. Become a hero and help Arthur get his revenge using your superpower – CSS Flex Box.

Play →

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